Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Best 3 Year Journey- And There's More To Come!!

This lovely butterfly to the left is my angel, Corinne Blakely. She will be 3 on Sept. 28th, and I can't believe it! The time sure has flown by, and that's an understatement!!! In the past three years, she and I have had some amazing adventures!! To name just a few: beach trips and sandcastles, singing songs, learning to read, and potty training!

Corinne is my own personal angel and is truly a blessing! She has added something to my life that I never even knew was missing. I guess that's one of the great things you come to learn once you become a parent! It's a love like you have never known, and a pride that you could never share. Everything she does is spectacular and wonderful to me! I'm going to honor her and the past three years in this post, and hopefully allow you to understand how great Corinne truly is!

So I guess in order to start the story, I have to go back to the beginning- pregnancy. And what an mind-blowing experience that was. I devoted everyday of my life to making sure everything was in the best condition for Corinne to grow and thrive. What an indescribable feeling that was too! The first time I felt her move, I thought there was an alien growing inside of me! But 30 seconds later, I realized that was my precious gift from God. And that is a feeling I will never forget. I loved feeling her move and kick around in there, and have missed it everyday since she was born. There is nothing like it!
I loved learning everything I could about how she was growing inside of me, and what she was developing, growing, or realizing during particular periods of time. What an amazing miracle to experience!!

My doctor in Enterprise didn't have a high definition ultrasound machine yet, so my mom set up an appointment for me in Fairhope! As if I wasn't in love enough already, seeing that beautiful little girl was the icing on the cake! Those lips, those toes! Such an amazing site to see!

A couple of weeks later came the big day!! September 28, 2006 is a day no one in my family will ever forget! Corinne was born at 1:34 p.m. She was 7 lbs 12 oz and 20-3/4 in long. My world would never be the same!! I had a few labor complications, and after pushing for 2-1/2 hours my doctor realized that my hips never separated and sent me back for a C-Section. Corinne aspirated fluid during her delivery, which caused her to have trouble breathing. She was placed under an oxygen tent and eventually transported from Enterprise to the NICU in Montgomery.
Since I had a C-Section, I didn't get to hold Corinne before they transported her. I was allowed to hold her hand and tell her "Hello" and "Good bye" all at once. It ripped my heart out, but it was best for her. Once she reached the NICU, they did everything to help her gain strength. And the fabulous staff at Baptist South kept me informed every step of the way! When I was finally able to hold her, my world became complete!
Being the strong little girl that she is, Corinne wasn't in the NICU for long and we got to bring her home! That's when the fun began! And when my world changed as I knew it!
Corinne grew up so fast during that first year! Rolling over, crawling, bouncing, dancing, and my favorite- she walked for the first time on MY BIRTHDAY!! What a present! Corinne also met her cousin, Colvin Tate, during that time. And they became best friends for life! Those two have had some amazing times together. Some that only twins get to experience. Actually, people ask us all the time if they are twins. "Yes, but they're 4 months apart!"
Corinne's first birthday was an unforgettable day! Seeing her open presents to find out what was inside and enjoying her first cake was so much fun!
The next year of her life felt like the blink of an eye. She grew and changed so much! Talking in full sentences, singing songs, saying her ABC's, and counting up to 15! Corinne is destined to be a genius!!

It was a great year! Everyone that met Corinne learned quickly how happy and intelligent she is! Then it was time for her 2nd birthday! We had a blast at Chuck-E-Cheese!

At this point in time, I thought Corinne and I were having fun. But this next year has proved to be even better! Corinne is turning into her own person. She acts like such a big girl, and insists that I not call her my baby because she is a "Big Mom!" Watching her grow and learn is amazing. She teaches me something everyday! Potty training is quite a challenge, but between the two of us we have conquered it! Corinne is such a girly-girl. She loves to dress up and play with her dolls. She loves pretending she's a princess and making Colvin rescue her out of the tower, aka the steps. Corinne is a joy to be around and has truly been an easy child to raise. She listens and can be reasoned with. I thank God that I have been blessed with such an blessing as a child!

Corinne is the most amazing person I know, and I can't wait for her birthday!! It's going to be a very special event!! With the biggest emphasis on her party! Corinne decided that she wants a My Little Pony party and cake! So this birthday girl will get whatever she wants!! Check back later to see new pics!

I hope you enjoyed my walk down memory lane!!